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What exactly is the best soup pot? Are a soup pot and stockpot similar? We decided we had to answer this question after realizing that a search for the best soup pot showed more results for stockpots. 

best soup pot

We don't deny that soup pots are also known as stockpots, but there's a difference between the two. 

Soup pots are best for making all types of soups and stocks, in addition to stews and pastas. They are also ideal for deep frying and large enough to cook whole chickens, crabs, and lobsters. 

However, you may not want to use stock pots for making soups or stews. Soup pots have a heavier base that evenly heats for the perfect thick soup. Stockpots are meant for higher liquid content foods, have a thinner base, made of a lighter material. 

So while you are sure your soup won't burn in a soup pot, there's no guarantee with stock pots!

We have here reviewed a few soup pots to help you select the perfect soup pot. The buying guide has some useful information to help you decide. And if you still have some doubts, our list of questions and answers should clear them up. 


NutriChef Stainless Steel Stock Pot-18/8 Food Grade Heavy Duty Induction-Large, Stew, Simmering, Soup See Through Lid, Dishwasher Safe NCSP16, 15 Quart Pot

There are some reasons why this soup pot from NutriChef made it to the top of our list. The first is its size. Its 15-quart capacity is perfect for boiling eggs, simmering stocks and soups, and cooking for large crowds. 

It also has a food-grade stainless steel body with ergonomic stay-cool oven-safe handles for comfortable cooking and handling. Its see-through lid with a steam vent hole is worth mentioning because it lets you watch your food cooking.

Its impact-bonded base provides for even heating to a maximum of 500°F, without the lid. We especially liked its mirror-polished exterior and matte polished interior, which lets the soup pot easily complement other cookware.

And you can’t forget that the pot is electric, induction, ceramic, hot plate, and halogen cooktop compatible. 


  • Transparent lid with steam vent hole.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect for residential and commercial cooking. 
  • Ten years warranty.
  • Non-reactive, non-toxic, and non-allergic soup pot.



HOMICHEF Commercial Grade LARGE STOCK POT 20 Quart With Lid - Nickel Free Stainless Steel Cookware - Healthy Polished Stockpots - Heavy Duty Induction Soup Pot

According to us, this pot is a must for any kitchen. Why? 

It's mainly the 20-quart size that impressed us which is perfect for cooking lobsters, corn, crabs, and cooking for large crowds.

The pot is made using food-grade, nickel-free stainless steel and is non-toxic and non-allergic. Its mirror-polished body emits timeless French kitchen elegance, perfect for both the kitchen and dining table.

The HomiChef has a 3-layer thick base of an aluminum core sandwiched between two stainless steel layers. It eliminates warping while optimizing thermal absorption to save on energy expenses. 

The tight-fitting tempered glass lid with a steam vent retains nutrients, while its ergonomically designed, riveted, polished stainless steel handles stay cool. 


  • Compatible with oven and gas, electric, induction, ceramic, halogen, and glass stovetops.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Optimal and lifetime customer service.
  • Green and safe cookware.


  • It may get rusty if not dried properly after use.


Cook N Home 16 Quart Stockpot with Lid, Stainless Steel

Are you looking for something that gives you the best value for your money? 

If yes, according to us, this Cook N Home soup pot should end your search. 

It is durably built with a mirror-polished stainless steel body and aluminum disc-layered capsule bottom.

The capsule layer bottom is a plus point because it distributes heat evenly while preventing hot spots. The pot has a tempered glass lid with a steam vent to let you check your food without removing the lid. 

The pot can withstand up to 500°F in an oven, and its lid, up to 350°F heat. The riveted handles add to its durability, making it safe to carry around as required. You can also safely use the pot on gas, ceramic, halogen, electric, induction, and glass stovetops. 


  • Large capacity sufficient for multiple uses.
  • Compatible with induction, gas, electric, glass, halogen, and ceramic stovetops. 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • It is durably built with a stainless steel body and 3-layered bottom.


  • It's better not to store food for long periods in the pot because the salt can ruin the interiors. 


Cuisinart 12-Quart Stockpot, Hard Anodized Contour Stainless Steel w/Cover, 6466-26

This anodized 12-quart Cuisinart stockpot is our first runner-up.

It boasts of a premium non-stick interior for healthier and tastier cooking, that also makes cleaning easier. It can be used on the stovetop, under the broiler, or in the oven up to a maximum temperature of 500°F. 

It's also freezer safe for easy food storage but is not compatible with an induction cooker.   

This Cuisinart stockpot heats up quickly and spreads heat evenly, thanks to its rigid anodized aluminum construction. So there's no worry about any hot spots while cooking. 

It gives a solid grip thanks to its riveted, secure stick and always cool handles. We have to say that the pot’s extra comfortable to hold because the handles are specifically contoured to your hand. 

The pot comes with a durable, sleek, tempered flat glass lid with stainless steel rims. It effectively seals in moisture and flavour, and is built for lasting performance. 


  • Made of the finest materials and unsurpassed construction, durability, and performance.
  • Elegantly styled with a professional look.
  • Eliminates hot spots by evenly distributing heat.
  • Tapered rims provide for easy and drip-free pouring.
  • Safe in temperatures up to 500°F and in the freezer.


  • It is not induction cooker compatible. 


Rachael Ray Create Delicious Stock Pot/Stockpot with Lid - 12 Quart, Red

This pretty and shimmering red Rachael Ray lidded stockpot is our second runner-up. 

We especially liked its color, which makes it the highlight on any table or kitchen. It’s no wonder that it coordinates well with your other kitchenware. 

It's not just the looks that impressed us.

The soup pot is also durably built with an enamel on steel construction that provides for fast and uniform heating. It's large at 12-quart, perfect for cooking soups, stews, and stocks for the family or as a chili, lobster, or pasta pot. 

It has strong and comfortable handles that let you confidently pull it from the stove, and in and out the oven. The jumbo cooker's enamel-on-steel lid is tight-fitting and effectively locks in the heat and flavor to cook a delicious meal. 


  • Easy to clean because it resists stains.
  • Oven safe up to 450°F.
  • Quality assurance guarantee.
  • Compatible with all stovetops, including induction. 
  • Colorful and shimmering enamel exteriors.


  • Though the pot heats up evenly, leaving it unattended can lead to a scorched bottom. 


All-Clad D5 5-Ply Brushed Stainless Steel Soup Pot 4 Quart Induction Oven Broiler Safe 600F Pots and Pans, Cookware Silver

We had to include a small and compact soup pot in our list, which is why we have this All-Clad soup pot. Though small in capacity, it has extra-tall sides, ideal for simmering soups, slow-cooking, boiling vegetables, and preparing grains in small batches for the family. 

The pot is durable with 5-ply alternating stainless steel and aluminum layers for warp-free strength and uniform heating. We liked its highly polished stainless steel, stick-resistant and easy-to-clean cooking surface. Besides, thanks to its base, there is no worry about any food reactions. 

The heat-resistant handles come with a stainless-steel riveted, permanently-secured extensive bolster. It has a stainless steel lid that minimizes evaporation to prevent soups from reducing too much. 

The pot also has flared pouring rims for easy pouring. It is oven and broiler safe up to 600°F and compatible with all types of cooktops, including an induction cooker. 


  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600°F.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Even heat distribution eliminated hotspots.


  • While the pot is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing with soap and a sponge to keep it looking like new. 


T-fal Specialty Nonstick Stockpot With Lid 12 Quart, Oven Broiler Safe 350F, Stay-Cool Handles, Kitchen, Cookware, Pots and Pans, Stock Pot, Soup Pot, Cooking Pot, Dishwasher Safe, Black

If you are looking for a stockpot to cook family meals, this best soup pot from T-Fal takes the spot. It comes with a superior non-stick interior for easy cooking and cleaning. It also means you can cook healthy because you don’t need to use too much oil while cooking. 

The glass lid lets you watch while cooking while its vented hole releases steam to prevent any boiling over. Thanks to its heavy gauge-aluminum construction, it conducts heat better than most stainless steel pots. 

This stock pot is safe for use on gas and electric cooktops, and the sturdy and riveted handles offer a comfortable grip. And yes, the bottom resists warping, to provide for uniform heating without the risk of hot spots.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Oven safe up to 350°F.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Non-stick interiors for healthy cooking.
  • Conducts heat well.


  • Not compatible with induction stoves.

Best Soup Pot Buying Guide 

We agree that there are so many things to consider to finally selecting a good soup pot. 

You need to consider factors like the material, cooking range compatibility, and what you plan to use. Will you be using it to make only soups? Or will you be using it to cook for a large number of people or a small family?

It's not surprising that some people can't easily make a choice. So here's our concise but useful buying guide that you'll find helpful in your search. 

1. Material

The soup pot material is an essential factor because some materials provide even heat distribution, and some work better on induction stovetops. Here are the basics to consider while selecting the best soup pot material. 


Copper is a popular choice for its impressive conductivity and even heat distribution. However, this comes at an added cost, as copper isn't cheap. Besides, copper pots come with an additional material lining because copper reacts in contact with food or water. So the lining material determines the pot's overall conductivity. 


Aluminum pots are better if you are on a budget. 

However, it's more suited for use on gas stoves because of its uneven heat distribution. Besides, there is the risk of food not cooking evenly in it and the pot quickly deteriorating. 

Stainless steel

Stainless steel pots are durable, reasonably priced, and there's no worry about it contacting acids and alkaline in food. Their flat base makes it ideal for use on induction cookers without any scratching. 

However, the downside is that stainless steel doesn't offer the best conductivity and may cook food unevenly. This, however, is often ameliorated when combined with a copper center. 

2. Size

Soup pots come in various sizes ranging from small 4-quart qt. pots to large 20-quart pots. We feel that the best soup pot is in the 6-12-quart qt range for multiple cooking purposes. But you may need something more significant if you are cooking large family meals and for dinner parties. 

3. Shape

Most soup pots come with a round base, deep straight sides, and a cover. This shape is perfect for safe soup and stock reduction.

4. Structure

Always look for soup pots with a heavy bottom to prevent possible burning. Soups take a long time to cook, which means the pot will remain on the stovetop for long periods. 

You don't want to end up with scorched and stuck ingredients because of a thin bottom. 

5. Conductivity

The best soup pot offers optimal conductivity efficiently and evenly transmitting heat from the heat source to the food. It cooks food the way it should, like soups cooking evenly both at the bottom and top. 

With each metal conducting heat differently, you need to find the right pot based on how you will be cooking food.

6. Handle

A well-constructed soup pot isn't complete without a secure handle with enough space and a comfortable grip. 

It should be strong enough not to fall off while lifting. Pot handles with heavy screws or rivets are an ideal choice. 

The handles of the latest pots don't get hot while cooking on the stovetop. Even though it's perfect for moving these pots from the burner to the sink, you need to be careful while putting the pot into the oven. 

Even if the pot claims to be cool resistant, it's not heatproof. 

We suggest you use your oven mitts while taking any cookware out of hot ovens. 

7. Cost and budget

The cost is another critical consideration for the best soup pot. The most expensive pot is not always the best, but we don’t advise buying the cheapest pot available. 

Look for something balanced, which fits your budget and cooking requirements. 

8. Rim

Wide rims are easy to clean, and as it's flat and leveled, provides for dripless soup pouring. 

9. Lids

We suggest buying lids with a steam vent for steam release, and to prevent any boiling over. A see-through lid is also good. It lets you visually check your cooking without having to unnecessarily open the cover and let out steam. 

A lid with a steam opening is a plus because the opening discharges an excess of steam and prevents the soup pot from overflowing too quickly. 

10. Food-grade safety

The best soup pot is one made of food-grade material, and compatible with all stove types. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have a list of interesting questions we are frequently asked. 

How many types of pots and pans should I buy?

It depends on how you cook and how many people you will be cooking for. We suggest an assortment of a skillet or frying pan, pots in 3 different sizes, a soup pot, and some lids. If you are buying sets, remember that manufacturers consider a cover as one piece. 

But we don't suggest buying sets, especially if you will only be using a few and letting the rest hoard cabinet space. 

Is it better to buy soup pots online or in physical stores?

While it's cheaper to buy online, we suggest you first look at the pot at a retailer. You get an idea of how heavy it is and how heavy it weighs with food in it. You will also know how well the handles are designed, and if they are comfortable. 

Once you find something you like, you can always buy it online at a better rate. 

How safe are glass lids?

We recommend soup pans with glass lids because you can see what's going on inside without removing it and letting steam escape. 

However, we also warn that these lids are heavy and can always break due to sudden temperature changes, or if dropped. 

What is the safest cooking temperature for soup pots?

There's no blanket answer for this. 

Check the box and if it's supposed to be oven-safe, check the specifics. Read and find out what temperature you can safely use the pot. Some pots can withstand up to 350°F heat, and others, up to 500°F. 


After reading our reviews and shopping guide, you may now realize that there is nothing called ‘The best soup pot’. 

It all depends on your requirements and preferences, based on factors like ease-of-cleaning, size, stovetop compatibility, and of course, your budget. 

We hope you find our buying guide proves helpful in selecting the right soup pot for your cooking needs. 

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