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Did you know that Bundt cakes were just cakes until 1950, when they were labeled 'Bundt' after Nordic Ware’s trademark line of pans?

Things have changed a lot over the years since then. You now have so many differently branded, sized and designed Bundt cake pans. You can also use them for various purposes like molding frozen desserts and baking breads.

However, no matter which brand it is, they all have the same peculiar shape. These cake pans have ridges or grooves and a middle cylindrical hole. This hole helps cakes cook faster, so that there's no worry about an under-baked center.

We have compiled a list of the best Bundt cake pan reviews and a buying guide with useful information. Together they should help you choose the perfect cake pan for your baking needs. There’s also an FAQ section at the end to clear any additional doubts you have. 

best bundt cake pan


Nordic Ware Pro Cast Original Bundt Pan, 12 Cup, Grey

The Nordic Ware 12 cup original Bundt pan makes it to the top of our list. And it's not surprising because Nordic Ware is the brand that started making these cake pans in the first place!

This 12-cup cast-aluminum pan has a graphite color and a non-stick coating that releases cakes easily and makes cleaning up convenient. Thanks to its even heating, the pan offers superior baking performance to produce perfect cakes. 

We liked that the pan is perfect for baking dense cakes with more crust. And it can also be used for making breads, jello molds, and various other Bundt recipes. 


  • From the famous Nordic Ware brand.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Pan comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Though the pan is dishwasher safe, hand washing extends its life. 
  • Though there's a non-stick coating, it's better to use a baker's non-stick flour-based spray for easy release of cakes. 


CHEFMADE Fluted Cake Pan, 9.4-Inch Premium Non-Stick Cake Pan, Tube Cake Pan for Oven Baking (Champagne Gold)

We really like using this Chefmade non-stick fluted Bundt cake pan to make Bundt cakes! It's because of its beautiful pumpkin-shape that bakes a pretty Bundt cake. The PTFT and PFOA-free food-grade silicone non-stick coating is an added advantage. It makes it so much easier to release cakes. 

The heavy carbon steel cake mold provides for even heating, easy release, and easy cleaning up. The unique design makes the mold the perfect choice to evenly bake fluted tube cakes, ring cakes, and pound cakes. 

The pan's superior non-Teflon bakeware with scratch-resistant and non-stick coating adds to the durability and lets your cakes easily pop out. We also liked the pan’s non-stick feature because it promotes healthy cooking by using fewer oils in cakes. 


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • Cakes release easily and it’s easy to clean. 
  • Perfect for daily cooking family dinners, afternoon tea, and family dishes.
  • It has an inner/outer champagne gold non-stick coating.


  • Hand washing is recommended instead of the dishwasher for longevity purposes.


Instant Pot Official Fluted Cake Pan, 7-Inch, Gray

This Bundt cake pan is also an Instant Pot accessory, and our best value addition to this list. If you wonder why, well it's because you can use it in your Instant Pot pressure cooker or in a regular oven. 

The pan has a 6-cup capacity and is ideal for easily and quickly making not just Bundt cakes, but also your favorite meals and treats. You can use it for cooking meals like lasagna, casseroles, and treats like Bundt cakes and cheesecakes. 

We especially liked the fact that all these foods remain intact when removed. And it’s thanks to its non-stick coating, which also makes cleaning up easier. 


  • Versatile pan perfect for both meals and treats.
  • Easy to release meals and treats.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compatible with your 6-quart or 8-quart Instant Pot cookers and regular oven.


  • It does not include a stainless steel rack.
  • Hand washing is recommended to prevent the non-stick coating from coming off.


USA Pan Bakeware Nonstick Fluted Tube Cake Pan, Aluminized Steel 10-Inch

This 10" Bundt cake pan from USA Pan made it to the list because of its material. It's made of heavy-gauge commercial grade steel and aluminized steel. It is the preferred bakeware choice for professional and commercial bakeries for its even heat distribution and durability. 

The pan is perfect for making evenly baked, perfectly textured, and delicious Bundt, fluted tubes, angel food, and pound and ring cakes. Its patented silicone Americoat coating is PTFE, BPA, and PFOA free. We liked this feature too because it lets you effortlessly release your baked goodies. 

The coating also provides for easy clean up. All you have to do is wash it with hot water and mild soap. You may have to give it a gentle scrub to have it clean as new! Its unique fluted surface is also worth mentioning because it maximizes the pans strength to resist warping while facilitating air circulation. 


  • It comes with Americoat's patented non-stick silicone coating.
  • Made in the USA by a family owned and operated company.  
  • It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • Durable with high-performance capabilities. 
  • Helps home bakers produce professional grade baked goods.


  • Not recommended to use in temperatures exceeding 450° F. 


Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt 6 Cup, Gold

It's the unique half-size version of the famous Bundt design of this 6-cup heritage Bundt cake pan that caught our attention. A Nordic Ware pan, it's not surprising that the cakes come out evenly cooked with perfect sharp lines and cuts. 

The pan is heavy and made from cast aluminium and is built to last forever. It's ideal for uniformly baking and browning amazing cakes and quick breads. 

We especially enjoyed flipping out the cake once the cake was ready, and after cooling down. You can imagine our awe when we saw the intricately designed cake popping out of the pan! That’s when we decided that the cake pan was definitely a contender for the best Bundt cake pan list!


  • The pan has a 6-cup capacity.
  • It is oven safe up to 400°F.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is made in the USA. 
  • A genuine Nordic Ware product.


  • Use only wooden spatulas to release the cake if necessary, not metal ones, to avoid scratching the surface.


Delidge Silicone Fluted Cake Pan Nonstick Jello Molds Cake Pan for Baking Cake,Jello,Bread and More Baked Goods,European Grade Silicone Baking Molds

We found this 100% pure silicone Bundt cake pan from Delidge an interesting addition to this list. We liked it for its material, and because the pan is multi-functional. You can use it to make quick and beautiful fluted Bundt cakes, in addition to corn breeds, jello, bread, and much more. 

We also liked that the pan can be conveniently folded or rolled for convenient storage when not in use. It's also pinch test approved, is BPA-free without any worry of fillers or white streaks. 

The flexibility of the pan in maintaining its original shape gives it a huge advantage over metal pans. The pan is also easily cleaned using just warm soapy water and a rinse.  


  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is safe to use in temperatures ranging from -40° C to 230° C.
  • You can use it in the freezer, microwave, and oven.
  • Flexible but maintains its original shape.
  • No worry about paint chipping off.


  • Not suited for baking directly on open fire.
  • Has to be cleaned in warm soapy water before and after use.


Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundtlette Pan

This bundtlette pan is Nordic Ware's memorable Bundt pan produced to mark their 65th anniversary. Like all Nordic ware pans, this pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a premium non-stick coating. 

We felt that the silver color gives the pan an added elegant touch and look. 

The pan creates 6 cute bundtlette cakes, perfect for celebrations like festivals, birthday parties, or weddings. You can easily make about 12 bundtlette cakes from one boxed cake mix. 

Thanks to its heat-reflective exterior and premium non-stick surface, you are assured of superior cakes baked with uniform heating and fine detailing. However we recommend spraying into each pan to ensure the cakes end up perfectly released. 


  • It is made in the USA.
  • It makes 6 baby Bundt cakes at once.
  • It has a PFOA-free premium non-stick coating.
  • It is durably built to last a lifetime.
  • Each bundtlette is larger than an average jumbo cupcake. 


  • As the molds are only 1 ¾" high, you have to be careful not to overfill them. 
  • It needs to be sprayed to produce perfect bundtlette cakes.

Best Bundt Pan Buying Guide

The beauty of Bundt cakes is that it doesn't need fancy embellishments to stand tall at a table. Its distinctive shape is all that's needed to garner everyone's attention. You may at the most decorate it with a light glaze or a drizzling of powdered sugar. 

But it’s not enough to just have the perfect cake recipe. You also need the best Bundt pan. 

So here's a concise but useful buying guide to help you choose the best Bundt pan for your Bundt cake baking needs. 


There are so many types of Bundt pans made of various materials ranging from metal to glass to silicone. Of the lot, it's always better to look for something in metal, preferably aluminum.

It's because aluminum is light, durable, and the best at heat conduction, because it prevents the outer side from over-browning. 

While glass and stoneware pans look pretty, they can ruin your cake. And while silicone pans readily release baked cakes, they might not have the stability to hold the decorative shape well for a heavy Bundt cake batter. 


Always select a light-colored pan that doesn't absorb heat much. It prevents over-browning by baking a nice brown-colored Bundt cake. Darker pans tend to cook the cake faster from the outside and give an unevenly baked cake. 


Choose your Bundt cake pan size based on your recipe. 

The standard size Bundt pan holds 10 to 12 cups of batter. You can also get larger 15 cup molds and pans that bake 6 mini Bundt cakes in one batch. The mini or baby cakes are perfect to bake cakes for parties, gift bags, or individual freezing. 

The easiest way to see how large your pan is, is by filling the pan with one cup of water at a time until full. The number of cups of water the pan holds, tells you how large it is. 

But remember that while baking, the actual batter should fill only 2/3 of the pan to prevent messy overflows. Even under filling the molds only leave you with a short, squat cake. 


Bundt cake pans come in an endless range of designs ranging from plain to intricately designed pans. Just remember that if the design is more detailed, it also has more areas to which the cake may stick. 

Don't forget to grease and flour elaborately designed pans. We suggest using a small pastry brush to reach the pan’s smaller cracks. 

Non-stick coating

As Bundt cakes have so many cracks and crevices, they may end up sticking to the pan while trying to release them. 

Though non-stick coated pans easily release cakes, it’s better to grease and flour anyway, or use a baking spray before baking to ensure the cake comes out all the way. If required, use rubber or wooden utensils, and not metal utensils or a spatula, to release the cake. 


There are so many types of Bundt cake pans; you are sure to find something that suits your budget and needs. The smaller and less sturdy options are usually $10, while the most popular and extravagantly designed options may cost $30.


Handles aren't necessary. But as the pan has an awkward shape, they can make it so much easier to remove cakes from the oven. They also prove useful while releasing the cake when cooled. 


Choose metal pans with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning up. Though these pans claim to be dishwasher safe, hand washing them ensures the non-stick coating remains intact. 


The best Bundt cake pan is one that lasts for a long time. It should be durably built and preferably comes with a warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few frequently asked these questions about Bundt cake pans which we thought you may also want to check out.

What is the difference between a Bundt and tube pan?

While all baking pans with a middle hollow tube are tube pans, not all tube pans are Bundt cake pans. 

Bundt cake pans have folding sides that give your cake a sculptural shape. They need a coating to effortlessly release cakes, and are ideal for baking dense butter cakes with a soft and moist crust. 

Tube pans, however, have a smooth and flat surface and don't require any coating. They are a better option for baking light and airy cakes like angel or chiffon cakes. 

How do I decorate Bundt cakes?

First you have to let your cake cool. After releasing the cake, you may use certain ingredients for decoration. For example, you can give it a glaze coating or coat it with a fruity or chocolate sauce. Soft fruit is another perfect decorator for a Bundt cake. Or you can just give it a cocoa powder or sugar coating. 

Should I fill the entire Bundt cake pan with batter?

No, because the dough swells and increases its size while baking. So make sure you do not pour more than 2/3 of the mold size for a neat and perfect Bundt cake. 

Do non-stick Bundt cake pans need greasing?

Yes, despite being non-stick in design, it's always better to spray the mold (or grease and flour) before using it to ensure the cake releases easily at the end. 

What is the average-sized Bundt pan?

While Bundt cake pans come in various sizes, the most common are the 10 and 12 cup variants. 


We hope it's easier for you to find the best Bundt cake pan after reading our reviews and buying guide. It's all basically a personal choice for you to decide based on what you plan to bake in it, and if you will be baking in a microwave or oven. 

Don't forget to include your budget in your decisions and the ease of cleaning. Once you consider these factors, you should find the best Bundt cake pan for your baking needs!

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