Best Pan For Eggs

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Whether fried, poached, or boiled, everybody (except vegans!) loves eggs.

But what we don’t love is achieving the perfect sunny side up, only for it to stick to the pan, burst that delicious yolk prematurely and break our hearts.

Even professional chefs struggle to attain egg perfection, given their notoriously tricky, sticky nature. Many pans promise to prevent that, but how do you know which ones are actually capable of delivering?

Not to worry - we’ve picked out five of the best egg pans on the market, with options to suit households of all sizes and a variety of budgets.

Rest assured that every single one is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation.

If you’d like to know more about what makes for an eggcellent (sorry, we had to sneak at least one pun in) pan, check out the handy Buyer’s Guide we’ve put together to find out all of the features worth considering.

Have a burning question that hasn’t been answered yet? Why not have a peek at the FAQs section which you’ll find right at the end.

Having gathered up some common customer queries, hopefully, we’ve covered yours too!

Sick Of Sticking? Here’s Our Top Pick:


Caannasweis Nonstick Granite Frying Pan Skillet, Non Stick Omelette Fry Pans, Omelet Egg Pan, Stone Cookware Chef's Pan, Induction Compatible, PFOA Free (Gray, 11 Inch)

With more than 4,000 five star reviews, we’re pleased to present this nonstick pan from Caannasweis as our number one choice, in spite of the fact that they aren’t an especially well known cookware manufacturer.

Free from PFOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium, this nonstick coating imitates the shape and texture of volcanic rock to create a pan constructed of stone, which is an innovative and novel design that mimics cookware from history.

Available in different sizes, ranging from 8 to 12 inches, as well as combined sets for those looking for several pans, there’s one to suit the needs of any customer, whether you’re cooking for one or making eggs for the whole family.

With a heat resistant outer layer, a European Standard aluminum alloy body and a scratch resistant mineral layer, this is a pan designed to be durable; a comfortable, ergonomic wood grain handle is also easy to use for efficient cooking.

Thanks to their 30 day money back guarantee, if you’re skeptical about investing in such a strange style of pan, there’s no risk of being dissatisfied, as you’ll be able to secure a refund in the event you aren’t happy.


  • Chemical free nonstick coating - ideal for those with health concerns
  • Multiple layers for temperature resistance
  • Ergonomic, slip resistant handle
  • Solid aluminum body for a resilient pan that lasts for years to come


  • Some reviews suggest that it can be wobbly - hold on tight!


TECHEF - Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan Skillet, PFOA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Induction-Ready, Made in Korea (Purple/Medium)

Using a PFOA, lead and cadmium free teflon, this traditional Japanese-style egg pan from TeChef offer a long lasting, scratch resistant nonstick cooking vessel that won’t let you down; its unique sloping shape is ideal for flipping pancakes, omelets or other folding foods.

Combining heavy gauge aluminum with stainless steel, its temperature resistant and has a heavy base to prevent toppling during food preparation, available in medium and large sizes to make a single or a sharing portion of eggs!

Suitable for use with all kinds of stoves, whether heated by induction or with an open flame, it can withstand high temperatures and is oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, provided you opt for the model with a phenolic (bakelite) handle.

Proudly produced in South Korea, you’ll attain an appropriately Asian cooking experience, and it’s even excellent for preparing a grilled cheese sandwich, frying yourself a sunny side up egg or sauteeing a small number of vegetables.

Coming in either aubergine purple or a more traditional black, you’ll be able to prepare an authentic Tamagoyaki omelet with ease and look cool whilst you do it!

No more messing around with round pans when you have the perfect square one.


  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Teflon nonstick coating - chemical free
  • Either medium or large sizes available
  • Ideal for traditional Japanese cookery


  • Only the stainless steel circular bottom is induction friendly, so cooking times may be longer 


CAROTE Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet,Non Stick Granite Fry Pan Egg Pan Omelet Pans, Stone Cookware Chef's Pan, PFOA Free,Induction Compatible(Classic Granite, 8-Inch)

Constructed from die cast natural granite, this pan is FDA certified and 100% free of PFOS and PFOAs, delivering a Swiss-made, four layer, high-quality coating, offering a durable nonstick coating that’s easier than competing materials to clean.

Abrasion and scratch resistant, it’s easy to clean, with surface sealing for wipe-clean useage, whilst the innovative polymer coating and primer with strong ceramic ILAG reinforcement ensure that even the runniest eggs won’t stick.

Oven safe up to 350 degrees fahrenheit, you can move between cooking techniques with ease, and available in 8, 9.5, 10 and 12 inches, there’s a size for everybody. Finally, Carote has presented an eco-friendly solution to cookware!

Compatible with any stove, the thickened and enlarged bottom distributes heat evenly and works efficiently, even on induction stoves.

A well designed, slip resistant ergonomic Bakelite handle stays cool whilst you cook.

It’s also the most affordable pan on our list, which is incredibly impressive given it offers such high quality; more than 10,000 five star reviews attest to the fact that this is a pan you can rely on!


  • PFOS/PFOA free Swiss-style five layer pan
  • Resistant to heat and oven safe
  • Multiple sizes to choose between
  • ILAG coating is scratch resistant and incredibly nonstick


  • Packaging suggests pan is not oven safe, whilst the online listing says it is!


Gotham Steel Hammered Egg Pan Nonstick, 5.5 Inch Small Frying Pan Nonstick, Egg Frying Pan, Small Pan for Cooking, Copper Pan Skillet with Rubber Grip Handle, Dishwasher & Oven Safe, 100% Toxin Free

For those seeking the perfect pan to prepare a fried egg for one, look no further than this mini 5.5 inch pan from Gotham Steel’s Hammered Copper collection.

It isn’t just beautiful to look at, but lightweight, dishwasher safe and nonstick, all in one.

Using their patented Ti-Cerama ceramic coating, you’ll find that oil or butter is completely unnecessary - everything will slide right out of the pan, for an easy release. Never again face the pain of a sad and broken egg!

Built from solid aluminum construction, you’ll find that heat distribution is even, whilst the pan itself is safe for use with metal utensils and totally scratch resistant, though it isn’t compatible to use on an induction cooktop, unfortunately.

Safe enough to put in the dishwasher for incredibly effortless cleaning, it’s also oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, with a stainless steel cool touch handle that’s been ergonomically designed for a safe and slip proof grip.

Recognized as superior by internationally renowned chef Daniel Green, Gotham Steel’s cookware is backed by the professionals, as well as a ten year limited warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Perfectly sized for a single fried egg! (Available in different sizes too)
  • Award winning nonstick technology
  • Elegant and practical - a beautiful pan!
  • 10 year warranty


  • Not compatible with induction cooktops


MyLifeUNIT Aluminum 4-Cup Egg Frying Pan, Non Stick Egg Cooker Pan

Allowing you to make four perfectly round eggs, this cool pan from MyLifeUnit means that even the most amateur chef can prepare the perfect sunny side up, designed in such a way that prevents hot spots and therefore helps to avoid burnt eggs!

Produced using high quality aluminum, its super conductive and both retains and distributes heat impressively and far greater than a traditional cast iron pan - this does mean you should stick to a lower heat when cooking!

Thanks to a marble nonstick coating, there’s no struggle to get each individual egg out of its little hole, and the ABS handle is heat resistant, with a hole bored at the tip to allow you to hang from a rack if you so wish. It’s also rivet fixed so won’t come off!

Suitable for use on gas and electric stoves, but not induction hobs, it can’t be used in the oven, but then again, why would you want to?

Cleanup is as simple as rinsing in warm soapy water, though be sure to avoid abrasive scrubbers!

Though it doesn’t come with a lid, you’ll find that the eggs cook faster and more efficiently if you use one, so you might want to purchase one separately if you want to serve up a swift breakfast!


  • Sturdy aluminum and non stick marble coating
  • Four divots for perfectly cooking eggs every time
  • Bakelite stay cool handle
  • Designed to prevent hotspots and avoid burnt breakfast!


  • Unsuitable for induction cooktops
  • Not oven safe

Best Pan For Eggs Buying Guide

Features To Consider


There have been many debates about the best material for an egg pan, with amateurs and professional chefs alike having their own opinion.

Popular choices include stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.

Your best bet is to aim for one with a coating anyway; stainless steel is ideal for heat conduction meaning it will heat more effectively, whilst cast iron is more durable and likely to last longer.

Your budget may also determine which one is best for you!

Stick Prevention

As we explained above, the easiest way to scramble or fry and avoid a messy meltdown is to opt for a pan with a non-stick coating, usually made from silicon or ceramic - without this, you’re doomed to an eternity of bad eggs.

Your best bet is to avoid any PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating, as some chemicals involved in its manufacture have been proven to cause health problems, which can prove fatal. That’s why it’s banned in Europe and the USA!

Shaping Sections?

Some pans come with eggcellent in-built divots, basically circular cradles for your eggs to cook in.

If you want that classic McMuffin round egg look, or you’re looking to whip up an insta-worthy meal, these are the pans you should go for.

If you’re a fan of novelty brunches, you can even get pans with different shapes like hearts or stars, for serving up a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day or a cheerful pre-shaped snack to easily appease fussy eaters.

Size and Style

Depending on how large your household is (or how hungry you are!), you may be cooking up more than just one or two eggs, and to save time, you’ll probably want to whip them all up at once. This means you’ll need a bigger than average pan.

Likewise, if you’re looking to make the perfect Japanese style omelet, a square pan is ideal, as this makes for an incredibly easy rolling experience when it comes to serving up in the traditional folded style.

(Not) Too Hot to Handle

You’re going to want a pan with an ergonomically designed handle, that fits comfortably in your hand without slipping, especially if you plan on flipping pancakes in your new cookware too!

Likewise, a handle that’s able to stay cool during use is advisable, as this means it won’t get hot alongside the rest of the pan, minimizing the risk of burns considerably; this is ideal if your kids like to help with the cooking!

How to Care for Your Pan

Avoid Metal Utensils

Even if a manufacturer suggests it’s fine, we’d recommend that you stick to softer spatulas, as metal cookware has been known to scrape away the non stick coating and cause significant peeling.

Don’t Forego Oil

Okay, the pan does most of the heavy lifting, but to guarantee your eggs won’t stick, always add a little grease into the mix.

Whether that’s butter, oil, or a low-fat spray, it’ll prolong the life of your cookware and ensure your meal is perfect every time.

Maintain Medium Heat

The majority of nonstick pans are unable to withstand higher temperatures, which cause the coating to deteriorate; though it might take a little longer to cook, stay within the low to medium range of your burner to prevent premature damage.

Be Wary When Washing

First things first, never put your nonstick pans in a dishwasher, as they get too hot for that delicate coating.

Always hand wash, and make sure to avoid those harsh scrubbers and sponges, as these can also ruin their nonstick nature.

Store Sensibly 

Don’t stack up your nonstick cookware, as the bottoms of your other pans can scratch up their sensitive surface; if you can, it’s always best to hang them from a pot rack, or store them separately away from each other.

Replace When Damaged

If your pan appears to be peeling or the nonstick coating has begun to wear away, it means you need a new one - once damaged, they’re much more likely to release potentially harmful toxins, so it really isn’t worth the risk just to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my eggs stick to the pan?

There are several reasons your eggs could be securing themselves to the bottom of the pan, primarily because you’ve exceeded the recommended temperature - use a low heat and have a little patience, it’s only an extra minute or two!

Another trick is to preheat the pan before adding your eggs, as well as adding some fat like oil or butter to help along the way.

And, of course, ensuring your pan is of the nonstick variety is also your best bet to avoid sticking.

To speed things up, a glass lid on top of the pan will help utilize the steam that is generated to cook the eggs more quickly, though be sure to keep an eye on things to make sure nothing burns!

You should also avoid cooking in the same pan as your bacon and sausages, as the additional oil that they emit will contribute to their cooking and result in raised temperatures and sad, burnt eggs. Separate cookware is your best bet!

If you find your non stick pan isn’t actually effective at… preventing the eggs from sticking, you could help it along by regularly moving them around during cooking, though obviously a new and better pan would be better!

How do restaurants make omelets so fluffy?

According to our research, the secret to achieving the ultimate fluffy omelet is to use a French technique, which involves separating the yolk and the white, and aggressively beating the latter until those meringue-like stiff peaks form.

Once done, gently fold your yolks into those fluffy clouds and proceed to cook up on medium-low heat until nice and golden - this will ensure the softest, puffiest, most delicious omelet, and it only takes a little more effort!

Which pan is the healthiest to cook in?

If by healthy you mean non toxic, then avoiding PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) is probably the advice you’re looking for, given that they have been linked to exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause high cholesterol and, in some cases, cancer.

Copper and iron cookware can potentially leach their respective metal into our food, and too much exposure to either can cause cramps, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, so if you’re worried about that, stick to aluminum!

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