How To Season A Red Copper Pan

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Do you use a red copper pan for cooking but does the food stick to its surface? Well, you might need to (re)season your pan. Proper seasoning of copper pans prevents food from sticking to it. It also enhances its life, removes chemicals from detergents that have stuck to its surface, and reduces damage when cooking at high temperatures.

Interestingly, copper utensils have been in kitchens for centuries. With advanced technology, they have made a comeback with better quality and durability.

Copper utensils cook food evenly, given that they’re good conductors of heat. However, if not taken care of, these pots and pans can get damaged over time. They will also lose their non-stick property.

Let us see how to season a red copper pan at home.

how to season a red copper pan

When Is The Correct Time To Season A Pan?

You have to season your red copper pan before using it for the first time. Do you already use a red copper pan but have you never seasoned it? Do it as soon as possible, and do it once your food starts sticking to the surface. Pans can have a long life if you treat them properly.

If you have some more pans at your place, you should consider seasoning them as well. Seasoning will not only increase their life and performance, but it will also give them a new, shiny look. If your pans are new, it’s a perfect time. Seasoning them before use will help them stay durable. It prevents them from wearing off.

Reasons For Seasoning Your Pans

Copper pans prevent food from sticking to the surface. However, to maintain this quality, they need to be seasoned from time to time. Seasoning prevents them from further damage and also keeps rust at bay. The seasoned pans become slippery and are easier to cook in. which lowers the amount of oil used during meal preparation.

Seasoning also removes the harmful chemicals left by the manufacturer and the seasoning can act as a shield against high temperatures.

High temperatures can often wear out the protective film of your pans. They make them vulnerable to damage. Seasoning can be helpful as it lowers the chances of damage. Also, cleaning up becomes easier with a seasoned pan.

How To Season A Red Copper Pan?

Seasoning a red copper pan can be easy as it doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can easily find the things you need at home. Before we start, you will need the following items:

  • Oil with a high smoking point
  • Spoon and a bowl
  • Liquid soap
  • A cloth
  • Warm water
  • Tissue paper
  • Oven or kitchen gloves (optional)

Here is the list of oil that is recommended to use for seasoning:

Once you’ve collected all these items, you need to follow the steps given below to season your red copper pan. After completion of this process, your pan will have a longer life, perform better, get cleaned better, and will have a better appearance.

Step 1: Wash Your Pan

Thoroughly washing your pan is an important step. Pour some water in it and mix a tablespoon of soap in it. Use this mixture to clean your pan thoroughly and remove all the chemicals on it left by the manufacturing process. After washing it, let it air-dry for some time. After it is completely dried, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe it thoroughly. Do not scrub too hard during washing or drying.

Step 2: Spread The Oil And Heat It

After cleaning and drying the pan, we need to spread the oil. Pour a large amount of oil into the pan and rock it gently to evenly apply the oil all over the surface of the pan. After evenly applying the oil, heat the pan. If you’re using the oven, preheat to 300°F and leave it for 20 minutes. Heat it on medium flame.

You do not wish to burn the pan, so keep an eye on it. Turn the stove off after you see the oil smoking. Don’t leave it for a more extended period as it can harm the pan. Time is an essential factor. If you heat it too long or too short, it can damage the pan.

Step 3: Cool It And Let It Sit

Let the pan cool down completely. Remain cautious, as it can burn your hand too. After removing the pan from the stove or oven, leave it for some time. Let the oil cover the pores and spread evenly on the pan’s surface.

Step 4: Dry It Off

After the pan is cooled down, wipe it off. Take a paper towel. It will help to remove the excess oil in the pan.

After completing all these steps, your pan is perfectly seasoned. Do not wash your pan with soap after this. It may take the coating off. Avoid washing it with soap in the future too. You can rinse it with warm water to clean it after cooking.

Some Tips For Storing Your Pans And How To Take Care Of Them

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep your pans in perfect condition. If you follow them, your pans will always stay shiny. There will be less damage, and your cookware will always be ready to perform in the best possible way.

  • After cooking, wash your pans each time with hot water and a gentle brush.
  • Try and avoid burning any food. It will stick to the surface and will be very hard to remove. Scrubbing can cause the protective film or seasoning to wear off.
  • Season your pan regularly. Twice or thrice a year would be enough. It will give your pans a longer life and will keep them in good shape.
  • Do not scrub your seasoned pans. Also, keep them away from the dishwasher.


Seasoned pans have a longer life than most other pans and can be easy to cook in. Hopefully this article on how to season a red copper pan will make your cooking life much easier. Try it and see how your cooking life changes. Do not forget to leave feedback. Happy cooking!

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